About Us

About the owner

My name is Heather Nearman. I am the owner of WagZone Pet Services. My goal is to provide quality service to pets and pet lovers. I will take the time to understand the needs of both clients and pets. I will ensure a safe and happy environment when owners cannot be there themselves. And I will provide superior pet care through interaction, personalized attention and exercise. A tired dog is a good dog!


I have had pets all of my life. I currently have 4 Newfoundland dogs. I am a district leader for the Humane Society of the United States. I have had 3 rescue dogs thus far and thus promote local rescue and shelters.

WagZone Staff


  • Sierra Nearman
  • Kim Bullis
  • Brittany Bullis
  • Stephanie Tarian
  • Michelle Tarian
  • Ashley Brooks
  • Whitney Brooks
  • Harper Smoot
  • Brady Cork

I have been in business 3 years.

We Work 365 days per year. We walk all year round. We are insured and bonded. We are comfortable with all breeds of dogs and several other critters. The initial visit is free to make sure your pet loves us as much as we will love them! We are able to administer all types of meds for no additional charge.